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Electronic Sub Assemblers

Electronic Sub Assemblers
and PCB Assembly

450 Blandford Road
Poole, Dorset. BH16 5BN

Telephone: (01202) 632310
Facsimile:   (01202) 625981


We are an established local company dedicated to offering a subcontract assembly service to the electronics industry. We can undertake all types of electronic assembly, including PCBs from free issue or procured components, chassis wiring and cable harnesses in production or prototype quantities.

At present we have production capacity available at short notice and our team of highly skilled hand assemblers are experienced in producing prototype and production equipment to the very best standards. All work can be 100% inspected as required and constant QA ensures your completed assemblies achieve maximum through-put on test.

Should you feel that our services may be of interest or you reach an overload situation due to staff illness or holiday, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and give you a competitive quotation on a small or large batch basis.

The complete answer to testing in accordance with MDHS 52 /3

To find out more about "Monitoring requirements in the electroplating industry, including electrolytic chromium processes" please click here. This link contains a wealth of information about when testing is appropriate and what circumstances it may be necessary.

Aspirator Type 60/2
Complete with.....
  • Mains Lead
  • Instruction Manual
  • Seven Hole Filter Head
  • Filter Head Pipe
(Aspirator - left & Chemical Kit - right)

Easy to use
Just load the filter head, switch on, set the flow rate and return in an hour.

Fully potable - battery operated
No trailing mains lead.

Integral Battery Charger

Chemical Kit Complete
Complete with.....
  • Pack of Alkali Treated Discs
  • Lovibond Comparator
  • Chromium V1 In Air Disc
  • 5x Moulded Cells
  • Poly Wash Bottle
  • Stainless Forceps
  • 5ml Measuring Cylinder
  • 10ml Measuring Cylinder
  • 25ml Measuring Cylinder
  • 50ml Measuring Cylinder
  • 10x Diphenyl Carbazide 0125g
  • Acetone 250ml
  • Sulphuric Acid 025m 500ml
  • De Ionised Water 500ml
  • Nalgene Bottle 60ml
  • Nalgene Bottle 250ml
  • Nalgene Bottle 500ml
Cehmical Kit
(Positioning Clamp)
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